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Why and How to Reinstall Windows

When it comes to your computer, you can notice when you start getting more errors or when it is slowing down. But what causes these issues with your desktop or laptop? And is reinstalling Windows the best option to take care of these issues? Lets look into this further. Issues...
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How the UK government could do better with data recovery

Recently the UK has become victim of two major cyber attacks, one on the National Health Service, the other on central government itself. The problems comes that with a lack of funding, the UK government lowers it’s budget for the NHS and therefore the budget for technology takes a hit....
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When to Choose a Laptop Over a Tablet

With all the great gadgets on the market, the hardest part is deciding what to buy. And now that tablet technology has advanced so much, choosing between a laptop and a tablet isn’t easy. However, there are still several situations where it makes more sense to go with a laptop....
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