What To Expect From Apple In 2016

This year has brought us some pretty impressive developments from Apple, such as the Apple Watch and the 12-inch MacBook, and next year seems to be just as exciting. 2016 is rumored to be a big year for Apple fans, with plenty of new releases. At CyberCall we deal with many apple mac repairs and iphone data recovery requests so we are always keen to see what challenges we face with the latest technology, Here is what we might see in the coming year.

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Apple Watch 2

Many Apple diehards were ecstatic with the original release of the Apple Watch. Despite all of the press around the smart watch, the product seems to have plenty of room for improvement. The experts over at Mac World say a new model will most likely be the result of a partnership with another big company such as Nike. A collaboration of this kind would allow Apple to gain an edge in the electronic fitness device industry. An Apple Watch 2 will also have to improve on many of its other features, like becoming a stand alone device. Its main competitor, Samsung has created gear that doesn’t even need a cellular phone to connect to the network.

iPhone 7

Speaking of phones, it wouldn’t be a new year without a new iPhone. As Samsung stays ahead of the game in releasing a new model, Apple is keeping up with the Joneses. Apple may take a page out of Samsung’s book by adopting soft buttons and ditch the main home button. This would result in more room for a bigger screen, which we can all appreciate. This added screen space would allow for smaller devices. It seems that Apple will also find another way to make the device smaller. Rumors are swirling that the iPhone 7 might not have a headphone port. There are also mentions of wireless charging, which is yet another feature that Samsung has already released.


Mac Pro users can rejoice over the possibility of innovation. While there will most likely not be any changes to the Mac Pro’s appearance, there will be changes in the technology. El Capitan’s code references certain changes on the horizon for the machines. There are also rumored possibilities of updates to the MacBook Air and MacBook.


Many Apple fans wonder why this product really even exists anymore. With the rising popularity of Apple Music, iPod owners would be able to take advantage of the affordable music subscription service. Now, this only applies to the iPod Touch. We can’t say much for your old Nano or Shuffle.

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