Are PC repairs on the decline? What Does This Mean For Technicians?

A market research report reveals that the last 5 years, PC repairs have experienced a decline. Because of increased affordability of computers and electronics, businesses and consumers have opted to purchase new computers instead of getting old computers repaired. Typically, by the time PCs start malfunctioning, they have already become outdated and it is prudent to scrap them instead of investing in repairs.

The growth in different platforms

According to statistics, the growing complexity of latest models will lead to a slight growth in the PC repair industry in the 5 years to come. But the new electronic prices will still continue to fall and that will not help the PC repair industry. Here’s a look at the causes of decline in PC repair and how the future of technicians would be affected.

Decline in Desktops

Laptops outnumber desktops by 4 times in the current era. Digital Addition owner Arlington Andrews reveals, speaking to the, that when it comes to repairs, he has repaired more laptops than computers. Also, as compared to laptop prices a few years ago, the current rates are a lot affordable. Moreover, because of the non-mobile nature of PCs, laptops are a lot more in demand. People don’t want their electronics to tie them down. Globally, there was a 10.9% decline in PC sales in 2013 as compared to 2012 in the second quarter.

Increasing Popularity of Tablets and Smartphones

In developed and mature markets, low end machines have been displaced by tablets that are inexpensive and mobile. In emerging markets too, the first computing device of most consumers is a tablet instead of PCs. This is also affecting the sales of mini-notebooks. Even with older clients who grew up working on PCs, laptops and tablets are better alternatives because they allow people to work while being on the move. Despite the slightly superior speed of PCs, laptops come with the benefit of portability that is hard to beat.

The Future of Technicians

NEPA Geeks owner Jason Percival says that this is not a new trend. It has been slowly creeping up for the past 15 years and technicians are slowly adjusting to the change. PC Repair technicians are now training in 4 major areas – PCs, laptops, Tablets and Smartphones. This ensures that when the PC repair industry is completely displaced, there would still be work for technicians.

Also, since the PCs are becoming much more stable with advents in technology, there are fewer instances of them failing. And when they do, people replace them with something faster and more stable.

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