Basics of Selecting an IT Platform for Business

The world of business computing is one of the fastest changing environments around, and few are more critical for a successful company. It is absolutely imperative that a business have a clear understanding of their needs so they can select the best information technology platform for the type of work they will be doing. There are a few broad categories that most devices fall into:

  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets

Desktop Computers

These are the most familiar and common type of traditional business computing platform. Desktops are larger, full-featured computers that are designed to be installed in one location and not moved. This kind of computer is typically used by traditional businesses who work from a fixed location or need more robust services. Some advantages of desktop computers are:

  • More computing power for the money
  • Relative ease of maintenance
  • Wide array of applications and accessories

Desktop computers probably have the lowest risk of physical damage because they tend to be placed on stable, flat surfaces and left alone. They can be set up to be very secure from outside threats as well depending on network configuration.


Laptops offer a midpoint between the smaller devices and desktop computers. They can be moderately powerful and run much of the same software as desktops but they are also portable. Laptops may be a good option if workers need to access robust software but also need the freedom to change locations or meet with clients. Laptops have a higher risk of physical damage due to this mobility but they can be set up for data protection in much the same fashion as desktops. If you need laptop repair then it’s easy to go about this with the mobility that laptops offer.


Tablets are highly mobile computing devices that tend to offer lightweight versions of the software found on laptops and desktops. Tablets come in a huge variety of sizes and levels of computing power but their growing popularity has led to a lot of software options.

Tablets have a higher risk of damage, loss and theft because of their portable nature but if the ability to work from any location is important there are few platforms that offer a better combination of mobility and computing power. Securing these devices from data loss can be a challenge in a perfect environment and nearly impossible if the devices are lost.

Armed with this information, you should be able to select the type of computing form factor that will work best for your business.

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