How Future Generations Will Learn Computer Code from an Early Age

The world has seen rapid advances in computer science and technology. The communications infrastructure that we have today would have been unthinkable 20 years ago. Computer coding is the foundation for the upcoming technological expansion. That’s why future generations will need to learn computer code from an early age.

Updated Curriculum

Coding has been a component of the British national curriculum since 2014. That was when the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) subject was replaced with Computing. Children can now learn to code from the age of five years old. The previous curriculum only taught children about computer literacy. That curriculum is now obsolete, because almost all children know how to use a computer.

Coding teaches children how to create programs as developers instead of mere consumers. Many tech companies have noted that the UK is not producing sufficient numbers of technologically competent programmers. The new curriculum is gradually filling this gap in the workforce. At the primary and secondary levels, coding teaches children the value of logical thinking and sentence structure through algorithms.

This means that it will be likely that computer and laptop repair jobs are replaced by computer programming jobs whilst software tends to take over hardware despite the recent right to repair laws coming into place.

Specialized Computers

Coding doesn’t only have to be about studying. There are many new electronic learning supplements that can be used to teach children how to code and entertain them at the same time. The Kano PC for example, is a computer that children can build from scratch.

Once the computer has been put together, the operating system instructs children in the details of every component, step by step. Children become familiar with binary coding, Java Script and Python. Eventually, children will be able to create games, animations and music through coding.

Other products, such as themed coding kits attract children through coding by linking it to a popular movie like Harry Potter, Star Wars or Frozen.

Coding Apps

The current generation spends an increasing amount of time on smartphones and tablets. Coding apps are a convenient way to teach children how to code without paying for an expensive course or summer camp. Coding apps range from basic HTML to increasingly complicated Python programming.

Young people must understand code today and develop appropriate skills that will serve them for the jobs and technology of the future. Employers will be examining prospective employees for reasonable competency in coding and programming. Today’s children will build tomorrow’s technological infrastructure.

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