Common Windows 11 problems and how to fix them

23 Nov 2021

Windows 11 has been out for a while now and with that, comes new problems. We all know the pain of trying to fix something on our computer when we don’t have the right tools or knowledge. This blog is going to cover some common Windows 11 problems and how...
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Announcing Windows 11: Microsoft’s New OS is Here

27 Sep 2021

Windows 10 was released in July 2015, followed by six years of updates, security patches, and feature additions. Now, Microsoft is preparing to release the successor OS to Windows 10, aptly named Windows 11. While the OS is not yet ready for release to the general public, it has been...
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Laptop Repair and what is the Right to Repair Rules Change

02 Jul 2021

Technological advancement has seen more users of laptops, iPhones, and mobile phones. The devices enhance communication, education purpose, and commerce. Although the devices increase the quality of people’s lives, an increase in their use increases the toxic electronic waste, aggravating the impacts of climate change. Most people use mobile and...
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Restarting Your Device: Why This Simple Trick Will Solve Your Problems

11 Jan 2021

Have you ever been in a situation where your internet, network adapter or other electronic device doesn’t want to cooperate? This may manifest itself in the form of slow run times, lost files, network issues or file corruption. After we’ve exhausted all of our options and have become thoroughly frustrated,...
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Forms of Sharing Internet Between a Macbook and a Mobile Device

09 Nov 2020

When you possess multiple Apple tech devices, it is possible to share internet between a Macbook and a mobile device. Sharing internet connection between a Macbook and a mobile device can be done in one of three ways. All forms of internet sharing require clicking on the Apple menu on...
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The impact of the coronavirus on IT and computer repair industries

05 Sep 2020

How has Coronavirus affected the computer repair and IT Industry as a whole? It goes without openly lamenting the fact that the novel COVID-19 disease turned a vast number of running businesses topsy-turvy. Majority of people lost the jobs, and many industries were forced to bring their operations to a...
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Are Desktop PCs Obsolete in 2020?

05 Jul 2020

While demand for desktop computers been declining steadily since 2011, there are several use cases in which a desktop PC might meet your needs better than a smartphone, tablet, or even a laptop. The Case for Desktop PCs Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we work and play. However,...
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