Why Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Graphics Card

06 Jun 2019

The world of consumer tech has changed a lot over the years, and the custom computer industry is no different. People buy certain parts for various reasons, but even in the usually performance and power-driven world of PC hardware, flavours of Android versus iPhone and the console wars have been...
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The Best 5 Keyboards for Any Use

03 Mar 2019

Looking for the best typing experience, or looking to rack up Victory Royale’s in Fortnite? How about navigating your home theatre? Here’s a rundown of some great keyboards for any purpose you might need. For Your Tablet or Phone If you need to get some work done on the go,...
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Raspberry PI and the Future of Microcomputers

27 Jan 2019

Raspberry Pi microcomputers have become increasingly popular among consumers. The device is an entire Linux based computer housed on a PCB that is slightly larger than a credit card. With a variety of port options, the device a versatile computer that can be used in a variety of fields. For...
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What is a ‘bendy screen’ phone and will it take off?

23 Nov 2018

Despite the wide variety of smartphones available, the general schema of this device hasn’t changed over the years. Other than technological advancements and more stylish designs, smartphones are remarkably similar to the first iPhone that was released in the early 2000’s. A tech company in California caught onto this stagnancy...
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5 Things to Love About Small Form Factor PCs

13 Jul 2018

If you want to take a small step outside of the norm – and be hugely rewarded for it – a small form factor (SFF) PC may be exactly what you’re looking for. With the rapid advances in computer component technology, many manufacturers have realised that size no longer matters...
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Why and How to Reinstall Windows

15 May 2018

When it comes to your computer, you can notice when you start getting more errors or when it is slowing down. But what causes these issues with your desktop or laptop? And is reinstalling Windows the best option to take care of these issues? Lets look into this further. Issues...
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The Future of PC Gaming: Do Gamers Need to Worry?

05 Mar 2018

PC and console games have been battling for supremacy for as long as both have existed. From the old NES classics to demanding MMORPGs, the fight between the two platforms of gaming has been tough. Despite this, PC gaming will never decline for good. The reason is that there are...
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The Apple iPhone Battery Saga and How it May Affect You

27 Jan 2018

Apple’s recent admission of guilt concerning battery issues in older devices is sending waves through the smartphone market. With over 90 million U.S. residents currently owning an iPhone, many users are eager to hear what actions Apple will take to fix their mistake. Some customers are now searching for ways...
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