When to Choose a Laptop Over a Tablet

16 May 2017

With all the great gadgets on the market, the hardest part is deciding what to buy. And now that tablet technology has advanced so much, choosing between a laptop and a tablet isn’t easy. However, there are still several situations where it makes more sense to go with a laptop....
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The Latest Laptops being released in Spring 2017

24 Mar 2017

Computer technology advances quickly, but not so rapidly that it is impossible to keep up. Any good and reliable laptop should last you at least three to five years. Quite a bit can change in that span of time, however, and if you haven’t kept up with computer trends, you...
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How to Decide on the Perfect Spec for Your New Laptop

19 Jan 2017

For Basic Use (£270 – £800) Specs to Look For: CPU: at least 2 Cores & 2GHz (Intel Pentium, Core i3, or Core i5) RAM: at least 4 GB Hard Drive: at least 128GB Always read reviews and pay attention to warranties. Some models of laptops have loose-fitting parts or...
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Are Apple products missing out by taking away commonly used ports?

25 Nov 2016

Apple’s Latest Gambles Apple prides themselves on taking risks. However, some of their latest moves have investors and analysts wondering how these gambles will pay off. Most notably, the iPhone 7 doesn’t include a headphone jack, and the latest Macbook doesn’t have a USB port. Can they convince their customers...
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Common issues with data recovery and how to fix them

01 Sep 2016

You have decided to sit at your desk and finish up some work when your computer suddenly crashes. What now? You reboot your computer in hopes that the system auto-saved because you were almost done, but the system failed to save your latest version. When your system finally reboots, you...
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Basics of Selecting an IT Platform for Business

27 Jul 2016

The world of business computing is one of the fastest changing environments around, and few are more critical for a successful company. It is absolutely imperative that a business have a clear understanding of their needs so they can select the best information technology platform for the type of work...
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Why choose a custom built PC?

12 May 2016

A lot of people shy away from building computers because they think it’s complicated. But with the advent of well-written manuals and color coding, building your own PC is more akin to fitting the right square peg into the right square hole. There’s a couple of very good reasons why...
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Virtual reality and its potential for the computer repair industry

16 Mar 2016

Bright Potential Virtual reality is an exciting new technology that has the potential to radically alter many fields. For example, future films could place the viewer as an actor in the scene; virtual museums could be explored across the globe; and virtual social networks can more realistically mimic face-to-face interaction,...
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What To Expect From Apple In 2016

19 Jan 2016

This year has brought us some pretty impressive developments from Apple, such as the Apple Watch and the 12-inch MacBook, and next year seems to be just as exciting. 2016 is rumored to be a big year for Apple fans, with plenty of new releases. At CyberCall we deal with...
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