Are Cyber-Attacks and Data Breaches on the Rise?

18 Nov 2015

Data breaches do not occur in just one or two countries. They occur worldwide The recent string of data breaches in the United Kingdoms drive this point home. The most recent of those large breaches affected 156,959 TalkTalk customers. Are cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise in the United...
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Don’t panic! Photo recovery in SD cards is now a reality

10 Sep 2015

At times you may find yourself in a fix wondering how to recover your photos after they are deleted from your camera’s memory card. It may have happened maybe due to an accidental mistake of yours or someone else’s especially if you have little kids; they may tamper with you...
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Data Recovery – Past, Present and Future

10 Jul 2015

Ever since the first home computers arrived on the electronics market, data recovery has been an invaluable and important aspect of computer care. Even if your computer’s hard drive is working fine one day, anything can happen the next day that can render it unusable, such as spilling a drink...
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Data recovery for your phone – How it works

17 May 2015

As we become ever more reliant Android devices and iPhones for everything from family photos to important business communications, the threat of data loss becomes more real and far more devastating. What happens when you accidentally delete that important text or pic and how can you get it back? Is...
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Wearable technology and the impact on computer repair experts

21 Mar 2015

Wearable technology is a growing trend in today’s society with more and more companies developing and releasing electronic devices that connect directly to your body. As the popularity of these wearable gadgets continues to rise, it could mean big changes for experts in the computer repair field. One of the...
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Essential Data Recovery Tips from Start to Finish

06 Jan 2015

At CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol we specialise in a number of different areas which includes data recovery across Bristol, we have a number of different state of the art data recovery tools which can be put into action to retrieve data from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. To give you...
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Are PC repairs on the decline? What Does This Mean For Technicians?

11 Nov 2014

A market research report reveals that the last 5 years, PC repairs have experienced a decline. Because of increased affordability of computers and electronics, businesses and consumers have opted to purchase new computers instead of getting old computers repaired. Typically, by the time PCs start malfunctioning, they have already become...
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An Expert Guide to Data Recovery – How does it work?

23 Sep 2014

Although storage devices are becoming more reliable day by day, data loss is still common. Luckily, though, any lost information can be recovered with the help of data recovery. Data can be lost due to human error, viruses, malfunctions in software programs, power cut, failures in software and hardware malfunctions....
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