Computer and Laptop Repairs for Insurance Claims

We deal with Insurance Claims, so if you’ve had any form of accident and need your laptop repaired under insurance! We can provide you with the relevant documentation for your insurance company. Simply make contact and we’ll discuss what we can do to get it back in working condition.

Unfortunately, there are a number of accidents and mishaps that can occur to your laptop or computer. However, if you’re covered by insurance, we’re able to help by providing the relevant diagnostics and documentation you’ll need to make a successful claim. There’s no need to feel daunted when attempting to make a computer insurance claim, as we can help you along the main steps of the journey.

PC & Laptop Repair Insurance

If your laptop has been lost, stolen or damaged, the first thing you’ll need to do is check whether your insurance policy will cover your claim. The most common type of computer or laptop insurance claims are for water damage, but other accidents such as cracks, broken parts and power surges are also common. You’ll need to contact your insurance provider to make sure the damage is covered by your policy, and also to report the claim.
The next thing your insurance provider is likely to request in the event of a computer damage claim is a professional assessment of the damage, alongside a quote for the work which needs to be carried out. (In the event of theft or loss, there’s no need to contact ourselves. You’ll need to log the incident with the police in order to obtain a crime reference number to use on your insurance claim.)

Obtaining an Insurance Claim Letter

Here at CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol, we can run the diagnostics required, and provide you with written confirmation to pass to your insurance provider. If your computer or laptop is repairable, we’ll provide a letter detailing the damage type, and also a quote for the cost of repair. If your machine is beyond repair, we can also provide a letter confirming this, to help you towards claiming back the cost of the item, or a suitable replacement.

We’ll also provide our own contact details on the insurance claim letter, and will be happy to answer any calls from your provider should they wish to confirm the case further. If you have any further queries, or you’d like us to inspect your damaged device, feel free to contact us to today.