The 3 most common computer repair scams and how to avoid them

We rely on technology more than ever now and when things go wrong we are quick to find a solution so that the impact on our lives is minimal. The problem comes when we are so quick to get a repair for our laptop, computer or smartphone that we overlook potential problems with companies who maybe running a scam on vulnerable people. Here are the 3 most common scams to keep you in the know when getting a PC repaired in Bristol.

Fake Microsoft Service Employee

One of the most recent and growing scams is a fake online hotline for Microsoft. The helpline will often show as a British number but can be a paid for forwarding number to any country across the world, they will ask for payment up front and then after payment is made the call will end. This is a growing scam with many being targeted, these come in the form of fake Microsoft websites and pop-ups when browsing the web.

Tech support scam

Similar to the fake Microsoft Service employee only this time the scammer will call you directly and claim to be from a well known company such as BT. Many police authorities around the country have put out warnings about this scam as it is now on the rise. Instead of asking for money up front as with the Microsoft scam, they will instead tell you that you have a virus installed on your laptop or computer and they need to access your device remotely. Once they have accessed your device they will hold your personal files and data to ransom, if you don’t pay their required fee, they will either delete or start to distribute your personal files across the web. If you have personal details such as your bank account details stored on your device they can also take money straight from your account.

Fake Anti-Virus alerts

When browsing the web it’s important to have a reliable virus and malware checker. This should be combined with a paid for firewall that will block harmful attempts at compromising your computer. One growing scam is that when your device is penetrated, fake Anti-Virus software is installed, yes, you read it correctly – fake ANTI virus software. This is software that will give you false information, it will inform you that there is a virus on your device and to remove it you must pay a sum of money for their virus removal tool. You will not have a virus, the tool itself is a scam and will make you pay for something you don’t need. Make sure you are equipped with well known firewall and anti-virus software that will alert you if this scam comes along.

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