The Apple iPhone Battery Saga and How it May Affect You

Apple’s recent admission of guilt concerning battery issues in older devices is sending waves through the smartphone market. With over 90 million U.S. residents currently owning an iPhone, many users are eager to hear what actions Apple will take to fix their mistake. Some customers are now searching for ways to speed up their devices, but still others are fed up with Apple altogether, causing them to seek out a new brand entirely.

Apple’s Troublesome Update

The problematic 2016 software update released by Apple affects devices such as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. Aging batteries in these phones often cause problems such as trouble operating and unexpected shutdowns, especially when exposed to harsh environments like cold weather. However, instead of informing their customers of this issue and offering battery replacements, Apple chose to implement software changes that significantly slow down the phone.

What Options do iPhone Users Have?

While they finally admitted the updates true effects in late 2017, Apple’s refusal to be up-front with their customers has many people feeling frustrated. The software update is irreversible, leaving many users stuck with slow-loading, buggy phones. The solution lies in a new battery, which Apple is offering for a reduced price of $29 for certain devices. Visiting an Apple store to speak with a tech expert can help you determine if you’re eligible for the reduced battery price, which runs through December 2018. Unfortunately, there is little else an Apple employee can do to help your device speed other than replacing your battery.

Trying Something New

Perhaps you’ve had trouble with Apple products in the past. Perhaps this is your first major incident. Either way, if you feel like moving on from the world of Apple, there are plenty of choices. The Google Pixel 2 has excellent photo and video capabilities, along with dual front-facing speakers. The Essential Phone, designed by Android inventor Andy Rubin, has a sleek, eye-catching design and features a wireless modular system. Even more unique is the OnePlus 5, which comes from smartphone brand OnePlus and has received rave reviews.

Can Apple be Redeemed?

The backlash from this incident has prompted Apple to release a statement announcing the development of another software update, one which supposedly gives iPhone users more visibility into the performance of their battery. While this is certainly a step in the right direction, it doesn’t automatically repair the broken trust between Apple and its users. Only time will tell if customers are willing to stick with Apple for the long run.

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