Forms of Sharing Internet Between a Macbook and a Mobile Device

When you possess multiple Apple tech devices, it is possible to share internet between a Macbook and a mobile device.

Sharing internet connection between a Macbook and a mobile device can be done in one of three ways. All forms of internet sharing require clicking on the Apple menu on the Macbook, then on System Preferences, then on Sharing, and then on Internet Sharing. This enables the following methods to work effectively.

USB Sharing

The first way entails sharing via USB. This can only be done between a Macbook and an iPhone. In order to do this, select the Apple icon, then select System Preferences. You can then click the checkbox next to Sharing, then click Share your connection. You can select Ethernet, and then select iPhone USB from the To computers list. Next, click the box beside Wi-Fi. At this point, you can then plug a USB cord into the port of the iPhone and then subsequently into the port of the Macbook.

Thunderbolt Ethernet and Wi-Fi Sharing

The user can also enable internet sharing using Thunderbolt ethernet and Wi-Fi sharing. Thunderbolt ethernet sharing capabilities are described in the above paragraph, as well as instructions as to how to enable these capabilities. This type of sharing is for use with a Thunderbolt ethernet adapter.

Wi-Fi sharing involves clicking on the Apple icon, then selecting System Prefences. Next, you can select Sharing, then select the box next to Internet Sharing, and then next to Share Your Connection From, click ethernet and then click To Computers Using below that. Then you can click Wi-Fi options and select a password. Then click WPA2 Personal next to Security and re-enter your password.

Bluetooth Sharing

Bluetooth sharing involves enabling bluetooth on both the Macbook and the iPhone. You can first take the steps outlined in the USB Sharing section in terms of preparing preferences on the computer end except for that in the To Computers Using section you should select Bluetooth PAN. Then, on your iPhone, you can click Settings, Bluetooth, and turn on. Then you can click Settings, Cellular Data, and Personal Hotspot. Click System Preferences on your computer, then iPhone, then Connect. Next, on your iPhone click Wi-Fi and select the Macbook. Click Join on the Personal Hotspot option. Now, enter your password.

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