The Best 5 Keyboards for Any Use

Looking for the best typing experience, or looking to rack up Victory Royale’s in Fortnite? How about navigating your home theatre? Here’s a rundown of some great keyboards for any purpose you might need.

For Your Tablet or Phone

If you need to get some work done on the go, the Logitech K480 Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard will be your best friend. Compatible with both Android and iOS, along with any other device with Bluetooth (like your Playstation 4), and small enough to be portable, the K480 has a groove above the top row of keys to prop your tablet or phone.

For Typists

Don’t let its gamer look fool you, the typing experience on the Cherry Mx Board 6.0 mechanical keyboard should be impeccable. Fast recognition, anti-ghosting, with Cherry’s proprietary key switches, your words per minute might break some personal records. The MX BOARD 6.0 can also take all the punishment you writers can dish out, with a solid aluminium design. And yes, it’s built for gaming too.

For Home Theatre

If you need to control your multimedia, you need your keyboard to do a lot. This is especially true if your setup is based around a home theatre PC, Smart TV, Android TV, or Roku, etc. In any case, the Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch Tv keyboard will cover your bases. Included is a built-in track pad and dedicated left and right mouse keys to the side, along with multimedia control keys, allowing you to navigate any interface with ease.

For Mac Fanatics

The APPLE MAGIC KEYBOARD is an obvious choice for Mac or iOS users. This one will work with any recent Apple product and connect automatically with no setup. Fully wireless, with a battery that can last upwards of months, this island-style keyboard will get the job done and match the aesthetic of your Apple gear.

For Microsoft Junkies

Chances are, if you own a Microsoft Surface, you already know all about the Surface Signature Type Covers. Working triple duty– as cover, keyboard, and even trackpad, the latest Surface Covers have low-profile keys that still deliver a great typing experience and offer a unique, cloth material that’s easy on the wrists. Unfortunately, the Surface Signature Type Covers won’t work with non-Surface devices. Surface tablets already have a fairly high entry point before factoring in the pricey covers.

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