Considerations for Travelling with Laptop & Tablets

Travelling to new countries and locations while on vacation can be an exciting experience. If you are planning to take your laptop or tablet with you on your holiday, then it’s important to travel wisely and safely. Here are a few things to consider before you start your next holiday with your electronic device.

Securely Pack Your Device

A good idea is to purchase a laptop bag with zips that aren’t easily tampered with and is made of slash-proof materials. While travelling, it’s important to always keep your device and its bag with you or somewhere that you can easily see at all times.

Find Good Insurance

You cannot predict what will happen to your device while travelling. A thief may target you and your laptop or tablet, stealing it from you through cunning and patience. Or you may simply lose your device due to any number of events and other people’s actions that are out of your control.

You can mitigate the impact of the theft or loss of your device by getting a good insurance policy for your device. The insurance policy’s coverage amount must be high enough so that you can buy a new device to replace the one that was stolen or lost, or if your laptop is damaged then get a repair. You could also check the terms of some travel rewards credit cards, as they may also provide travel insurance in certain circumstances. Also be sure to check how the insurance company will deal with insurance claims including third party repair specialists.

Battery Power and Type

You should fully charge your device before leaving. It’s a good idea to bring a fully-charged spare battery in the event that your main battery power is low and you’re not in a position to charge your device. Ensure that you bring the correct adaptor for the country that you are visiting to protect your device and plug from electrical damage.

Should You Take Your Laptop?

Before you take your device with you, ask yourself if you really need it for your holiday trip. Bringing your device adds extra security and safety concerns that you would be free of if you left the tablet or laptop at home. If you are trying to pack light, then bringing your device can work against your travel plans. Lastly, you’ll likely worry about your device when or if you leave it secured at your hostel or guest house while on holiday.

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