Why Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your Graphics Card

The world of consumer tech has changed a lot over the years, and the custom computer industry is no different. People buy certain parts for various reasons, but even in the usually performance and power-driven world of PC hardware, flavours of Android versus iPhone and the console wars have been flaring up.

Many tech enthusiasts buy what’s popular. In many cases it’s entirely fair to make your first few computer builds and upgrades follow trends until you’re comfortable, but many people get too excited about the next best thing.

Here are a few details from our PC repair experts in Bristol about the current video card market to help you make a better purchase right now, and to make a few adjustments in a few months.

GTX Has Both Changed The Game And Hasn’t Kept Up

The biggest news in graphic cards has been the GeForce GTX 1080. It has always been the flagship of Nvidia’s GeForce 10 series, and even with the GeForce 20 series on the market, the 1080’s star power is undeniable.

The 1080 represented a tier of must-have, but prohibitively expensive gear. Even among experienced techs who wait for others to purchase parts just to see what bugs and physical failures exist, its power was tempting.

For the most part, the 1080 series and its Ti variant proved GeForce’s point. While the GeForce 1080 represented a massive leap in performance from the GeForce 900 and the Radeon R5/R7/R9 300 generation, the 2080 wasn’t that much of an increase – especially with Core i5 computers.

The 1080 and 2080 Makes The 1050 A Better Buy

While there is an argument over whether to get the best on the market no matter the price or to stick with the 1080 until the 2080 has a few revisions under its belt, the entire battle has created a spotlight for people who want the best bang for their buck.

The GTX 1050 model of graphic cards is stunning. At its price point, it is the card for people looking to break out of their cards from the 2013-2017 era of graphics performance.

Nvidia has a comparison chart that shows the difference between their cards. While raw data isn’t everything, it will show you the gap in cores, memory, bus speed, and general throughput.

The argument here isn’t that the 2080 or the 1080 is clearly better than the 1050. That’s obvious. The argument is that for now, it’s better to participate in modern gaming until the 1080 comes down in price even further or the 2080 has substantial benefits that your rig can take advantage of.

Ask yourself this: why do you need a gaming computer today? Are you a competitive streamer? Do you need to have a 4K stream, or do people simply want to see you getting things done in anything about 720p?

Are you gaming for personal pleasure and simply want more than choppy 30 FPS on medium or high settings? Do you want ultra settings right now, or are you willing to wait for an even better card while tightening up other parts of your rig?

For most people who don’t need bleeding edge graphics improvements every single time a video card hits the market, buying the 1050 TI while on a budget or the 1080 TI is the best bet. Spend the money you have after inspecting a few other parts of your rig:


Your motherboard needs to handle the increased traffic from all of your new parts.

Traffic jams happen when shiny news parts are all pumping out too much data, which is where the term bottlenecking is used. Make sure your motherboard–your personal information superhighway–can support your other purchases.


The 2080’s lackluster performance mostly comes from needing a more powerful processor.
If you’re not buying the newest Intel i7 or i9, or taking advantage of the Ryzen 2700 or 2700X, buying a 2080 is a waste of time. It’s not an investment, especially when better revisions at better prices make your rush purchase obsolete.


High temperatures means lower performance. Many tech enthusiasts who think they have experience are simply keeping their systems from shutting down because of critical heat.

You don’t need water cooling; get a good, sealed case and proper fan placement, test your temperatures, then invest in water cooling systems if air alone isn’t enough.

The Market Changes Often, So Move Now

Current price, revisions, bugs, and compatibility parts all play a factor in how well your system will perform with any graphics card. While the 1080 is great and a 1060 is an amazing budget option, keep an eye out for prices and changes that could make a GTX 2080 a great purchase for you.

If you need help or want someone to look through market changes – especially with cryptocurrency mining affecting graphics card prices feel free to contact CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol for further information and free advice.

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