Essential Data Recovery Tips from Start to Finish

At CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol we specialise in a number of different areas which includes data recovery across Bristol, we have a number of different state of the art data recovery tools which can be put into action to retrieve data from your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. To give you an idea of what’s involved in the process of data recovery and how you can perhaps take the first steps to recover data, here are a few simple steps you can take.

Some of the first signs of a damaged hard drive include clicking sound coming from your disk, or inability to access your files and folders. Here are a few steps to save time and money, and recover files from a disk gone bad.


• To begin, we are going to have to open up the computer or laptop.

• With the power OFF, take the case off your computer, or simply the side panel, so you can get access to the CPU and the hard drive(s).

• Always disconnect the power when taking the case or panel off your computer.

• Power on the computer to look for and listen to signs of life from the drive. You can recover data from a damaged hard drive if it is clicking or making a humming sound.

• When touching or listening to the drive that has problems, watch out for different connections near it, and stay away from the fans and power supply.

• If the drive with a problem had the OS for your PC, the easiest solution is a “live” Linux compact disc. This compact disc can be utilized to boot into a completely functioning Linux operating system.

• Backing up your data is much easier than recouping after an issue happens. A Terabyte external drive may cost around £80.

Data Retrieval Methods

Data Retrieval Software

There are many data recovery applications available in the market. Some can be downloaded from the Internet for free while others are available for purchase.

External Case

Placing your hard drive into an external case and plugging it into another computer may enable access to your data. The external case allows the drive to communicate with another computer hence bypassing any internal problems in the original computer that may have caused the corruption of the hard drive

Temporary Operating System

You can consider utilizing a Linux Live operating system for your computer. Burn the operating system into a CD. Once you finish burning the OS, insert the CD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive and reboot the computer. Press the F2 or Esc. Keys while the computer is rebooting to give you access to the startup settings page. Select CD as the first boot device, save your settings. When your computer boots it will utilize the Linux system giving you access to your files.


Cooling a damaged hard drive constricts the components for a short time before it “thaws”. Place the drive in a waterproof bag and place it in the freezer for six hours. Take out the hard drive and plug it into your computer, preferably via an external case.

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