Internet Security and Virus removal

Computer Repair Bristol provides expert same day onsite internet security and firewall services…

Is your computer and/or network secure? The only guarantee that your computer is safe from attack is not to be connected to a network or the internet. Of course this is not really practical in today’s computing environment with the increased reliance on the internet for business or home usage. Internet security for all computer users has become extremely important.

When your home or business computers can access the internet it means that everyone on the internet can access your computer(s). Anything available on your computer is available to them, in addition to this your computer is susceptible to viruses that spread via networks.

The safest and most secure method to safeguard your computer is with a firewall. A firewall controls all access between your business or home computer network and the internet by checking activity and making sure only information you want to share is accessible. A firewall safeguards your computer from unauthorised access to your data and protects you against network borne viruses.

Most computers have the ability to run firewall software and many of today’s broadband modems and routers also have built-in firewalls so you shouldn’t need any additional software or hardware to protect you or your businesses data.

Don’t let your home or organisation’s files fall victim to unauthorised access, with the help of Computer Repair Bristol we can ensure that you are protected by installing firewalls and other security measures for protection. Keep hackers and other network borne threats at bay with help from Computer Repair Bristol.

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