When to Choose a Laptop Over a Tablet

With all the great gadgets on the market, the hardest part is deciding what to buy. And now that tablet technology has advanced so much, choosing between a laptop and a tablet isn’t easy. However, there are still several situations where it makes more sense to go with a laptop.

Getting the Best Performance

Compared to laptops, tablets have fairly low-end processors that can’t keep up in terms of speed and performance. You may not notice this on basic tasks, but if you want to multitask or do something with a lot of graphics, then you’ll certainly see the difference between a laptop and a tablet. Now, there are specialized tablets designed for a specific task, such as video editing. These types of tablets can compete with laptops on their specific task, but the laptop will have better all-around performance.

Using Your Device for Typing

If you use your device for a large amount of typing, then it’s smarter to go with a laptop. The keyboard on a laptop is much easier to use than the touch screen on a tablet, so you’ll be more comfortable typing and you’ll type much faster. Now, there are tablets with 2-in-1 designs that come with a detachable keyboard. While these detachable keyboards make it easier to type on a tablet, they’re still typically smaller and don’t provide a typing experience equal to that of a laptop.

Having More Storage Space

When it comes to storage capacity, laptops are well ahead of tablets. A standard tablet will have anywhere from 16 to 128 gigabytes of storage, whereas an affordable laptop could easily have 500 gigabytes or more.

For a Stand-Alone Device

If you’re only going to have either a laptop or a tablet, you’ll have far more flexibility with a laptop. It will have more software options and it will be able to run certain programs more quickly than a tablet would.

Benefits of a Tablet

While a laptop is the superior choice for several situations, tablets also have their advantages. They are far more portable than laptops, making them better if you travel frequently or are just on the go often. Battery life also tends to be much better on tablets than it is on laptops.

Both laptops and tablets provide excellent performance. The key is finding which type of device is best for your specific situation. If decide on a laptop and further in the future you need laptop repairs then feel free to contact us.

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