Everything you need to know when looking for a gaming laptop

If you’re a gamer, you know how important it is to have the best gaming laptop to ensure smooth gameplay, resulting in hours of fun. In this post our laptop experts at CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol go over what separates a gaming laptop from other laptops on the market and how to find one that will suit your needs. All the information provided below is based on feedback from real customers requesting laptop repair in Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Essential Aspects to Consider


M.2 is preferable if available, although you can still get away with a regular HDD (Hard Disk Drive) on some models. If you’re looking for very high-end specs, then an SSD (Solid State Drive), while more expensive than an HDD, is around 2-5 times faster.


The i7-6700HQ is the standard for gaming laptops. You may find i7’s; however, the HQ model offers many benefits over regular processors, which gamers will benefit from greatly

Operating Memory (RAM)

8GB is standard across most models, so if you plan on using heavy applications such as CAD (computer-aided design), 3D Rendering/Modeling, Adobe Creative Suite, and other similar programs, then it’s worth looking into getting one with more RAM if you don’t mind spending a bit extra.

Graphics Card

The GTX 950M and 960 are a slight step up from the previous generations of the 750m, so if you have a little extra cash to spend, it’s worth going for one of these two. The performance increase is not much, but it does add up when looking for a good gaming laptop.

Sound and Screen Size

This isn’t an issue nowadays, with many laptops coming with 17″ screens being sold cheaply in recent times because people have been opting for smaller ultrabooks/laptops/notebooks, which can be easier to carry around. If you do want a bigger screen, then 15.6″-17″ is standard.Many games have soundtracks or music in the background, so it’s worth checking if the laptop you’re looking to buy has a decent set of speakers.

OS (Operating System)

If you don’t already own one, then Windows 10 or 11 is preferable, with no added extras being offered on lower OS’ such as 8.1.

Peripherals such As Keyboard, Mouse, and Joy pads

Not a huge issue, but you want a keyboard and mouse with good response times for FPS games. As for joy pads, many models will come with Xbox One controllers or Logitech F310’s so if you feel as though the price is slightly higher than other laptops on the market, then it may be worth checking out how it feels when using the joy pad.

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Consider every aspect before buying your laptop

When looking for a laptop, several factors need to be kept in mind when making your decision. Your budget is essential, but the laptop’s performance is equally if not more important than its price tag.

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