Hard Drive Recovery

We provide Hard Disk Data Recovery Services for all manufacturers of hard drives. We perform work for customers throughout the Bristol area. Utilising our years of experience and cutting edge technology. We have developed expert knowledge to recover data from computer based hard disks, including desktop, laptop, external hard disks servers and RAID arrays.

  • Mechanical Failures
    Hard disk head crash, seized motor bearings. This can often cause a      Mechanical friction noise generated by micro motors and fan bearings, as well as vibration noise damaged assemblies.
  • Electronic Failure
    Electronic component failure, head pre-amplifier failure, etc. Failures can be      caused by excess temperature, excess current or voltage, mechanical stress or contamination.  With plenty of experience and understanding of the components used in the manufacture of Hard Disk PCBs means we can repair them.
  • Firmware Problems
    The firmware contained in devices provides the program that controls the      devices. When the firmware becomes problematic and  Errors in the operating parameters, tables and logs of a hard drive are caused. Generally this information is not accessible to end users however we have equipment and software needed to conduct repairs.
  • Logical Problems
    Deleted data when a user inadvertently deleted or formats a hard disk, missing files, virus attack, etc.
  • Media Errors
    Bad sectors resulting with inaccessible data, hard drive hanging,
    blue screens and other unpredictable hard disk behaviour.

Mechanical failure in a hard drive require a clean room; this is a clean air environment that is kept free of particle contamination to ensure that your hard disks are treated in a suitable environment to ensure the best results possible.

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