USB Devices

Data recovery from USB stick and photo memory cards. All types of memory can be recovered. Whether your computer, camera or mobile phone cannot read your data or the memory card has been formatted. We can recover the data.

USB devices have become  a convenient mode of data storage. They have become very accessible as a result of cheaper prices and increasing capacity.

Although USB flash can withstand much more mistreatment  than mechanical drives, they can be damaged or have data corrupted by severe physical impacts all the same. Also improperly connected USB ports can also destroy the circuitry of a flash drive.

USB flash drives have been known to still work after going through a washing machine. If this happens to your memory stick leave it to dry completely before trying to use it.

Unfortunately flash drives can sustain only a limited number of write and erase cycles before failure. Good flash drives will support several hundred thousand cycles, although write operations will gradually slow as the device ages. This should be a consideration when using a flash drive over a period of time to store critical data.

Data from memory cards that are damaged as a result liquid contamination, (split beverages, washed in a washing machine, dropped in coffee, wine, beer etc), excessive force, crushed, stamped or squashed.

We make recovery  possible from all types and makes of USB devices.

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