What to do if you come across a virus or malware on your computer

For every computer problem, there is a solution apart from destroying the hard drive or replacing the computer altogether. Even better is preventing the problem in the first place. When a virus attacks your computer, our professionals can diagnose your infected computer and remove viruses.

The Different Types of Malware and Their Effects

In a human body, a virus works by infecting the body, grabbing onto a host cell and replicating itself inside of the cell. Similarly, a computer virus works by replicating itself of different host programs. Soon, most or all of the programs in the computer are infected and unusable.

The different types of viruses are distinguished by the type of file they infect or the location on the hard drive. It’s common for some viruses to infect the boot sector, while others will invade macro programs and become unleashed once the infected documents are opened.

Malware is a broader category of malicious software that includes viruses. Other types include worms, spyware and Trojan horses. Malware mainly infects a computer by embedding itself into a file or email and then becoming unleashed once the file is opened. The infection grows until the entire computer is infected and no longer usable. The purpose of most malware programs is to steal personal information, such as names, addresses, bank account or credit card numbers, etc. The information is used to steal the identities of one or more people, usually for financial gain.

Methods of Infection Prevention

There are direct and indirect ways of preventing a malware infection. The most direct method is to install antivirus software onto the computer. An indirect method is to avoid going on fraudulent websites or opening spam emails that you know may contain viruses.

In case of a malware attack, back up your files regularly. A virus can wipe out a computer’s hard drive, making the data unrecoverable. First, make sure that your data is safe by scheduling routine backups. If you think your credit card numbers and other personal details are stolen, contact the companies right away and put holds on your accounts.

Have a professional handle the malware removal process. You may have tried to restart the computer or recover the hard drive but realized that the problem is still there. The computer virus and spyware removal services provided by our experts at CyberCall Computer Repair Bristol will remove the virus or other infected component and recover as much of the data that is recoverable.

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